Hosting and operation


Of course you can install our CAM software locally. However, we know from experience that the resources of IT departments are often stretched thin and they lack the necessary capacity for an additional project in credit management.

That's why we offer to take on the installation and operation of your CAM system at a selected computing centre. In this case we take care of everything, from the server to the database, the correct settings for the firewall and regular data backups. This minimizes the impact of the project on your company and guarantees a high availability of the system.


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Operational variants

Software purchase, hosting at your own computing centre
Deep system integration, use of existing databases and IT landscape
Advantage: uses existing IT resources

Software purchase and managed hosting by Prof. Schumann GmbH at a large computing centre
Short setup time thanks to the use of the standardized IT systems of Prof. Schumann GmbH's partner company – "everything under one roof"!
Advantage: no impact on your internal IT resources

Managed CAM, with a leasing model and hosting by Prof. Schumann GmbH at a large computing centre
Monthly licence fee for the software (costs) combined with external hosting
Advantage: avoidance of high initial investments



Integration into your system environment

We feel equally at home in Java, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Navision NAV. Integration into large ERP systems is our daily business, as is creating interfaces to specialized industry software and doing our own development.

Since our credit management software is Java-based, it can, in principle, run on all operating systems that enable the use of a current Java Runtime Environment. The database management system requirement is Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. Credit Application Manager can be integrated into almost any system landscape and often even works as middleware between the various systems.


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