Jana - smart financial report analysis

Jana is a modern, flexible software system for financial report analysis. Financial reports are an essential source of information when you need to make well-founded credit decisions or determine the creditworthiness of your customers. Key figures can provide detailed knowledge about a company's finances, turnover and assets.

Spare yourself the time-consuming analysis – let Jana work for you. Our software lets you enter and manage all the information transparently. With the click of a button, you can order an evaluation in the accounting format of your choice. You can also compare balance sheets against benchmarks and generate industry comparison figures across your entire data.


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Advantages of analysing financial reports with Jana


    Time-savings thanks to fast data entry and automated report creation    
  Optimized workflow, increased decision efficiency    
  Consistently high-quality, transparent financial report analyses    
  Relieves your specialists/credit analysts from time-consuming routine tasks



Financial report analysis with Jana

Jana is easy to integrate into your existing systems. It provides you with transparency, clarity and comparability. We can also compile the data for you and deliver it to you in an agreed format. Financial reports that are already available in electronic form can, of course, be imported and structured directly.

  • Compile, manage and unify your customers' annual reports
  • Enter, manage and evaluate inter-yearly financial reports
  • Automated entry of financial reports in XBRL format
  • Calculation of key figures and cash-flow statements
  • Evaluation of these using scoring and other statistical methods
  • Creation of expert reports based on the results of the analysis
  • Preparation of the balance sheet in text form
  • Carry out analyses comfortably and easily
  • Benchmark module
    • Preparation of industry-wide comparisons
    • Peer-group comparisons
  • Graphical representation of financial reports


How Jana works




Abbreviated balance sheet analysis

Include the financial reports of German companies published in the German Federal Gazette in your credit management! Using a web-service interface you have access to a data from over a million companies, allowing you to view the published financial reports. The data is transferred and structured automatically – you do not need to enter anything yourself.

Smaller companies only need to publish balance sheets in the German Federal Gazette, while larger ones must also provide their income statement. As a result, you will receive different information depending on the size of the company. In all cases you get a structured balance sheet, a broad range of key figures, a rating and a probability of default. For larger companies you also get the income statement and a cash flow statement.

As a result of extensive analysis we have determined that abbreviated balance sheets also yield significant results and early warning indicators.

→ You can find detailed information about abbreviated balance sheet analysis on the website of our partner company, Prof. Schumann Analyse GmbH  


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