Integration of commercial credit insurance into CAM

If you use commercial credit insurance and your customer base is large and complex, a considerable amount of work is involved in administering the contracts, also because obligations to the insurance company need to be fulfilled. CAM helps you to make the operative processes considerably slimmer, protects you from forgetting notifications to the insurer and considerably reduces the work needed to create the relevant reports.

Our software solution CAM (partially) automates your commercial credit insurance processes. Using an online interface, all credit insurers (Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes) can be smoothly integrated into your credit management system.



Functionality of CAM in the integration of credit insurance


New customers  

CAM identifies the allocation of customers as being above or below the discretionary credit limit

Above the discretionary credit limit

  • The details of customers requiring credit above the discretionary limit are sent to the credit insurance company together with the desired limit
  • Automated / partially automated processing of the responses from the insurance company (acceptance, partial acceptance or rejection)
  • CAM determines, where necessary, an internal limit in addition to the credit insurance limit
  • CAM determines further necessary activities

Below the discretionary credit limit

  • CAM automatically carries out the initial check using an information agency
  • CAM determines the internal limit for credit below the insurance company's discretionary limit for blanket insurance



Existing customers




  • CAM detects when a customer's credit increases from an amount below the insurance company's discretionary credit limit to an amount above it and automatically initiates the necessary measures.
  • CAM monitors exceeding of limits and places the necessary applications for increases
  • Limit increases can be temporary
  • CAM identifies excessive credit insurance limits and limit cancellations
  • CAM processes limit decreases or cancellations by the insurance company


Functions for monitoring obligations to the insurance company


  • CAM enables notifications of overdue payments
  • Notifications to the insurance company of negative information and insolvency are possible


Further functions


  • Reporting functions for the notification of totals lists
  • Checking of the fees charged for customer checks and detection of deviations of insurance premiums