Information sources available in CAM

As standard, we offer interfaces to more than 30 different national and international information sources in CAM. If your desired information supplier is not among them, please ask us. We would be pleased to develop and integrate the necessary interface for you. 

If you do not know yet which is the optimal source of information for your requirements, we will gladly advise you.



Business information agencies

  • Bisnode/D&B 
  • D&B NL
  • Bisnode/Hoppenstedt360
  • Boniversum
  • Bureau van Dijk
  • CRIFBürgel
  • Cerved Group/Lince
  • Coface Central Europe
  • CofaServe Info
  • Company Watch
  • Creditreform
  • Creditreform Schweiz
  • Creditsafe
  • Ellisphere
  • EOS Deutschland/DDMonitor
  • Euler Hermes
  • Infoscore
  • KSV1870 incl. KSV Eurogate
  • Prof. Schumann Analyse GmbH
  • SCHUFA Firmenauskünfte
  • SCHUFA Personenauskünfte
  • SPARK Interfax









      Bank reports


      • Commerzbank
      • Deutsche Bank






          Payment record pools


          • DRD 
          • DunTrade 
          • DDMonitor 
          • IHD




              Financial report data 


              • Bundesanzeigerdaten
              • Bureau van Dijk
              • Erfassungsservices






                  Company relationships data/blocklists/compliance


                  • Creditreform
                  • SCHUFA GWG
                  • Thomson Reuters