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Every industry is different and every business is individual. We know that and, in addition to the ideal solution for your industry, we always offer the opportunity to customize our software.


Your industry experience and our software: a strong team

Risk evaluation for leasing, factoring, banks and fintechs

Our leading credit risk management solution provides automated decision processes, offers interfaces to credit insurers and business information agencies and acts as a fully automated early warning and workflow optimization system. CAM also supports your compliance and KYC efforts.

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Credit and debitor management for industrial companies

Performing creditworthiness checks on new customers and monitoring existing ones are major aspects of credit management. You can automate these processes and receive timely warnings that things are amiss, saving you both time and money.

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Automation and risk evaluation for credit insurance,surety bond
business and reinsurance

We have decades of experience in risk management for insurance companies. Our IT solutions enable transparent and objective risk evaluations. We also provide an integrated solution for the automated analysis of financial reports.

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Credit and debitor management for wholesalers

Seasonal business and long payment terms are common in the wholesale business. We are aware of this and our software reflects that fact. It can easily be adapted to the specific requirements of your customer base and supports you throughout your entire process chain, from entering the master data to debt collection.

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Benefit from working with us


  Many years of experience
  Independent consulting
  Innovative technical solutions
  Excellent support, even 24/7 if desired
  Efficient project management
  Continuous development of our software
  We integrate you into our development planning
  Customers can exchange ideas in user groups