Credit and debitor management in wholesaling


We offer a leading credit management solution for trading companies and have extensive experience, especially in the areas of building materials, wood, plumbing, electrical, paper and energy trading.

Our Credit Application Manager (CAM) can perform mass-checks of customers and interested parties quickly and reliably. If required, we can also help to realize fast decisions at the point of sale with e‑commerce-enabled online portals, or we can integrate CAM into existing processes. We are well aware of the specialities of wholesaling such as drop shipping, seasonal business and long payment periods – also in relation to individual industries and countries. Our software can be adapted to your requirements and supports you throughout the entire process chain from creditworthiness checks to commercial credit insurance and debt collection. Furthermore, CAM can evaluate your payment records and take the results into account in the rating of companies and customers.

The standard CAM software is modular and flexibly configurable, and can be customized to meet specific needs. The system can be completely integrated into the IT-environments of our customers for efficient, company-wide and global solutions.Wir bieten eine führende Kreditmanagement-Lösung für Handelsunternehmen mit viel Erfahrung speziell im Baustoff-, Holz-, Sanitär-, Elektro-, Papier- und Energiehandel.


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  High level of standardization

Ad-hoc decisions

  Seamless integration into existing IT system landscapes
  Support with the fulfilment of compliance requirements 
  Extensive automation
  Flexible operating concepts
  Management by exception
  Representation of individual credit policy


Support for your credit and debitor management















Automated application processes, also in e-commerce

We enable fast decisions at the point of sale. We enable credit applications, limit applications or orders using a web-based online portal if desired, or integrate CAM seamlessly into your existing processes. Using CAM, fully automated decision-making processes can be carried out. Is the customer allowed to buy now and pay later or is he only offered the option "payment with order"? Decisions are checked in CAM taking into account all of the risk-relevant information (creditworthiness check), payment records and approved insurance limits. In this way, decisions can be made automatically and quickly. The processes and workflows can be defined flexibly and individually; your credit policy is replicated in the system. This enables fast, but at the same time secure, decisions. The application decision is issued together with a limit by the CAM system and can also be provided to your own customers immediately, e.g. via a web portal. Wir sorgen für schnelle Entscheidungen am Point of sale. Wir realisieren für Sie Kreditanträge, Limitanträge oder Bestellungen gern auch über ein webbasiertes Online-Portal oder fügen CAM nahtlos in Ihre bestehenden Prozesse ein.

The benefits of automated decision-making processes in CAM

  • Real-time checking of debitor risks and determination of credit lines
  • Creditworthiness-dependent selection of payment alternatives – e.g. limitation to payment with order in the case of poor creditworthiness
  • Comparison of order behaviour to detect abnormalities
  • Optimized checking of new customers using external information
  • Automated compliance check, fraud prevention
  • Flexible checking of private and business customers
  • Reduction of defaults and the necessity for provisions for bad debt

The integration of all risk-relevant information can take place automatically in CAM. To do this, we offer standard interfaces to the most commonly used information suppliers, from business information agencies to payment record pools and bank reports.


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Online portals

Make your customers happy. We enable fast decisions at the point of sale. For this purpose, we realize decision-making processes for you e.g. using an online portal or directly integrated into your existing processes. Selling has never been so easy. Your customers will be satisfied and will be pleased to buy from you again.

The decision-making process runs automatically in the background. In advance of this, we feed in your individual rules and limits. Having taken into account all the relevant information and decision-making criteria, and possibly also with the automated collection of external information, the result is utilized directly - quickly and reliably.

Your advantages

  • Fast decisions
  • Creditworthiness-dependent payment conditions
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Relief from routine activities
  • Cost savings


Operation online portals




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Evaluation of internal payment records

You know your customers best yourself! The most meaningful and up-to-date information about your customers can be found in your own payment records. This data is already available in your accounting system and costs nothing! Up to now, however, evaluating this information was tedious and there was seldom enough time for this in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business. With CAM you can evaluate this information in a targeted manner, analyse it, and of course monitor it continuously.

CAM imports the data from your accounting system (unpaid invoices, current payments, dunning letters) and your inventory management system (current orders) and evaluates it automatically. You thus obtain targeted trends, early warning signals and highly selective characteristics from the data. The meaningful and automated utilization of payment records has unbeatable advantages compared with relying exclusively on external information: they are always available and up-to-date, are free-of-charge and they relate to the payment behaviour of your customers in relation to you specifically. When evaluated exhaustively, they provide the most valuable information that you need for your daily work.

There are sophisticated functions in CAM that access payment information and process it automatically. You can thus see at a glance the current history of payments, turnover and exposure for every existing customer. In particular, the system derives a trend from the payment records history. A prognosis is made as to the further development of the customer and his payment behaviour. This trend flows into the early warning system, which serves to notify your credit managers and your sales team about conspicuous customers automatically. You therefore know exactly which cases you should take a look at and can work on these consequently. Perhaps a simple conversation will be enough to defuse the situation at an early stage.

What works alone works even better in a team: with payment record pools. The idea behind a payment record pool is simple but effective: many companies report their experiences with their customers to a pool; the pool operator amalgamates the data either completely or according to industry and supplies you with an evaluation. This information shows you how the payment behaviour of a particular customer with other creditors compares with his payment behaviour towards your company. The provider's solutions are completely integrated into the processes in a way that conforms with data protection regulations.


  Payment records are available from your accounting system, cost nothing and are always up-to-date.
  CAM determines accurate trends, early warning signals and highly selective characteristics.
  The data is displayed in CAM in a clear way and also graphically.
  Payment record pools from Bisnode/D&B, Creditreform and IHD are integrated into CAM.


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Integration of commercial credit insurance in CAM

Usually, credit insurance companies provide web-based interfaces for you as the insurance customer. You send your inquiries using this web front-end. The results can be seen online and you may also receive them by E-mail or fax. What is missing is integration into your systems. The data has to be transferred manually. This results in extra work, provokes mistakes and can also lead to particular facts being forgotten when transferring the information and evaluating it.Instead of this, we have integrated the online interfaces of the credit insurance companies into CAM. This allows you to automate your credit insurance processes. You can make your credit insurance applications automatically or part-automatically from CAM. If the decision is positive, the answers from the credit insurance company can be used directly in CAM according to the predetermined limit allocation rules. Equally, CAM can make regular, automated suggestions when limit reductions or cancellations should be made by your company itself.

In addition, CAM continuously checks that your exposure does not break the rules that you have made. If payments are late, the relevant companies are summarized in a report. You can send this to the credit insurance company automatically, either directly or after editing it. Finally, you can create the necessary reports with the total amounts on the basis of the available data automatically and thus send them to the insurance company with very little work.

CAM helps you to make operative processes significantly slimmer. You avoid failing to meet your obligations and are protected against, for example, forgetting notifications. The work necessary to create the relevant reports is also drastically reduced.


All credit insurers (Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes) can be completely integrated into your credit management via an online interface. 


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Dunning and debt collection

Despite all preventative measures, it sometimes happens that a customer becomes insolvent or does not meet his obligations on time. Here, intuition is required. It is certainly not possible to treat all late payers in the same way. Nevertheless, dunning processes and debt collection can be automated: e.g. differentiated according to industry or company size.

CAM suggests various measures and carries them out automatically according to your stipulations. CAM keeps a record of all the measures that have been performed so that you can see all the previous measures at any time. Which measures you wish to take for which customer and at which time will be set up for you individually. Your dunning and debt collection procedures are thus tailor-made for your company and your customers. You could, for example, pass on all claims above a particular amount to an external service provider, who then takes care of them. Or you can stipulate that for a particular customer group automated dunning letters will be sent. The design of the measures is strictly aligned with your wishes and needs. 

CAM offers the following measures:

  • Message initiating a payment reminder by telephone
  • Dunning letters
  • Automated electronic commissioning of external service providers for debt collection
  • Customer-base-wide dunning runs


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