Comprehensive automation and digitalization for credit insurance, surety bonds and reinsurance


We offer the leading underwriting and risk management platform in the field of credit insurance with excellent references in commercial credit insurance and the surety bond business. Standard products can be made available in a highly automated manner via customer portals. Complex and individual products benefit from the wide spectrum of functions provided by our solution.

CAM Credit & Surety combines three platforms in one:

  • Administration of contracts 
  • Riskmanagement
  • Workflowmanagement

The insurance industry solution CAM Credit & Surety is based on the CAM standard software and is modular and flexibly configurable so that it can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of this field. The system can be fully integrated into your processes and your IT environment. We also offer the leading credit risk management solution for the financial services sector with outstanding references in the areas of leasing, factoring and banking.


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  High level of standardization
  Seamless integration into the existing IT system landscape
  Contract administration and risk management in one central application
  Support with the fulfilment of compliance requirements
  High degree of automation
  Workflow management

Your challenges


  • Find alternatives for the replacement of existing systems
  • Control operating costs
  • Offer excellent service for customers/insurance purchasers and brokers via web portals and provide customer experience
  • Design processes efficiently in order to reduce costs and improve service quality
  • Create the basis for growth of your business
  • Achieve market entry and extend market presence


Your advantages


  • Reliable realization of compliance requirements
  • Reduction of the claims ratio through integrated risk management
  • Cost reduction and increased service quality through automation
  • Build up your market position
  • Reduction of the time-to-market for new products
  • Fulfilment of modern security standards
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art technology
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction ("customer experience")




Central process building blocks






















Partner management

This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you:

  • Structured recording of all the partners involved in the business (insurance customer, other insured parties, broker, risk, provider of security, beneficiary, fronter, co insurer, …)
  • Administration in partner files that provide a dedicated view of the business relationship for all partner roles
  • Depiction of conglomerate and group structures such as credit recipient groups and joint ventures
  • Assurance of master data quality through clear identification and the use of external service providers
  • Interface for the integration of existing partner management systems


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Contract administration

This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you:

  • Comprehensive documentation and administration of insurance contracts (individual and framework contracts)
  • Management of authorization procedures
  • Creation of contract documents using templates
  • Invoicing of premiums and fees (including settlement with brokers and other participants) as well as the creation of the relevant documents
  • Process control via workflow management (event and time-controlled triggers)


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Risk management

This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you:


  • Identification of partners/risks
  • Creditworthiness checks and limit allocation
  • Compliance and KYC (Financial Services Act notifications, AnaCredit, money laundering, anti-terror lists, embargo lists etc.)


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This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you:


  • Dedicated access for insurance customers and brokers – more turnover, more transparency and more customer satisfaction
  • Support for your digitalization strategy – enables end-to-end digital processes
  • State-of-the-art web technology for the best customer experience


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Workflow management

This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you:


  • Representation in the system of your processes and instructions
  • Guarantee of the complete and consistent implementation of processes
  • Transparency and comprehensibility of processes
  • Standardization increases efficiency and quality
  • Provision of KPIs (e.g. throughput speed, progress of processes) as a basis for optimization


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Reporting and Data analysis

This is what CAM Credit & Surety can do for you::


  • Standard reports
  • Reporteditor
  • Scheduler


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