Credit and debitor management for industrial companies


As an industrial company, conducting creditworthiness checks on new customers and monitoring existing ones is a major aspect of your credit management, helping you to avoid credit defaults. Especially if you custom-make special products for individual customers, a comprehensive advance verification of your customers is common practice. Automating these processes, at least partially, and having a system that warns you in good time about anomalies results in significant savings in time and money. This is where CAM (Credit Application Manager) comes in. CAM provides technical interfaces to numerous business information agencies and credit insurers, and additionally acts as a fully automated early warning and workflow management system.

CAM gives you deep insight into your customer before you even confirm their order, from their connection to other companies to their guarantors and securities. It also supports your further monitoring efforts, ensuring for example that there is nothing that might disrupt the payment schedule.

The checking and monitoring of your A and B suppliers is just as important. The last thing you want is to be forced to halt production because an important supplier "suddenly" declares bankruptcy.

The CAM software is modular, can be flexibly configured and can be adapted to your specific requirements. The system can also be fully integrated into your processes and IT environment.



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  High level of standardization
  Ad-hoc decisions
  Seamless integration into your existing IT landscape
  Relief from routine tasks
  Increased liquidity through faster payments
  Flexible degree of automation
  Depth of information
  Management by exception
  Representation of your individual credit policy


Support for your credit management













Customer checks

In many cases production requires enormous investments ahead of receiving any payment. This represents a huge risk. If you have a small number of customers but high production volumes, you need to check your customers in great detail before you begin production. With our CAM software, we provide you with a reliable, transparent tool that presents all the available information in a clearly structured manner to aid you in the verification process.

CAM lets you easily gather all the required creditworthiness and company information. The system then calculates a rating and a limit on the basis of your credit policy, the rules and the requirements that you have configured. The collection of external information takes place in CAM according to your needs, either manually or (partially) automated via standardized interfaces.

See all company relationships and ownership structures

But sometimes all this is not enough and you need to analyse a potential customer in even greater detail. With CAM, you can conduct a comprehensive network analysis. How are companies related? Are the stated guarantors creditworthy? Are securities realizable? CAM presents the information about company and ownership structures in a clear, structured manner. All the information necessary to assess creditworthiness is saved centrally in CAM's customer files and can be accessed at any time. In addition, the decision-making process is documented and historized so that it can be audited and understood at a later point in time. CAM provides you with a comprehensive and reliable evaluation on the basis of which you can do business without worries. 

Your advantages:

  • Depth of information
  • Analyse company and ownership structures
  • Transparent information, viewable at any time

The integration of all risk-relevant information in CAM can take place automatically. We provide standard interfaces to the commonly used external information providers, from business information agencies to payment record pools and bank reports. In addition, we have set up integrated electronic interfaces to the credit insurers Atradius, Coface and Euler Hermes.


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    Monitoring of customers

    CAM also conducts automatic and continuous monitoring. You can, for example, specifically observe customers who are on a payment schedule by setting up a watchlist and relying on CAM's automated monitoring. New information from internal and external sources is immediately processed, and CAM informs you through the integrated ToDo system when new information arrives. Various early warning indicators flow into CAM. The evaluations are based on statistical methods and, by establishing trends, provide a timely indication of whether a customer or supplier is at risk of default. Your employees are relieved from burdensome routine tasks and can thus concentrate on the important cases. As a result, your credit management as a whole becomes more efficient.

    Your advantages:

    • Active monitoring
    • Early warning system
    • Relief from routine tasks


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    Workflow support

    CAM automates workflows in credit management processes. Your specialists no longer need to run after information because the system informs them of relevant events. Obtaining reports is simple; managing and evaluating them requires intensive manual work, which CAM can help you avoid. When you use CAM, all information is uniformly available and centrally stored in a database. In your daily work, you can access all the available information about a specific customer within seconds and from any location. For your strategic decisions, CAM provides current and targeted evaluations and ratings for your entire customer portfolio.

    But that's not all. CAM also helps you organize your work and function smoothly as a team. You want to create your own resubmissions for specific files, or delegate a task to a colleague and set yourself monitor status to be informed about the process? Nothing is easier with CAM. We provide optimal support for your workflow, including delegation rules and escalation options. Team members who do not regularly work with CAM can receive notifications by e-mail. CAM brings all your processes together, making your work that much easier. 


      Integrated tasking tool for workflow support
      Access to all information at any time, anywhere
      Comprehensive authorization concept with escalation steps and stand-in options
      Strategic portfolio evaluation at the click of a mouse


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    Reporting and portfolio analysis

    Any customer, any key figure, any time: when you use CAM, all the information is centrally stored in your database and a targeted evaluation of all this data is just a click away. The results let you monitor and control your customer portfolio and support your sales team.

    CAM can evaluate all the information for you according to various criteria. All aspects of the data can be combined, allowing numerous analyses, e.g. portfolio, turnover, structure, customers or trends. All individual pieces of information are brought together, categorized according to time periods and various evaluation aspects. 



    Get answers to important questions – immediately, at anytime:

    • Which customers have exceeded limits by the most?
    • How are your customers distributed across the rating classes?
    • Which customers have the highest limits, exposure, open positions and/or outstanding orders?
    • By how much has your average DSO improved?
    • How are open positions and credit defaults distributed across your branches?
    • For how many and which customers are commercial credit insurance lines available, and in what amount?
    • Which totals do I need to report to the credit insurance company?

    From any report, you can open the customer file and view the individual risk. When analysing a rating class you can immediately see which individual customers are in that class. For every individual user you can define which evaluations may or may not be accessed. And you can evaluate all data either for a single customer base or across all customer bases.

    Practice-orientated, adaptable reports provide you with a solid foundation. But CAM also gives you the possibility to create your own reports and schedule them to be run. Reports can be run once, at a specific time, or on a regular basis (e.g. on the 15th of each month)

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