Risk evaluation for leasing, factoring and banks


We provide the leading credit risk management solution for the financial sector and have excellent references in the leasing, factoring and banking industries.

Our Credit Application Manager (CAM) is a highly efficient, integrated credit risk management software solution. It enables automated credit decisions, offers technical interfaces to numerous information agencies and credit insurers and acts as a fully automatic early warning and workflow system. CAM can also support KYC processes, including risk classification, determination of the financial beneficiaries and checking of company and personal details against blacklists and sanction lists (PEP, AML, CFT and internal blocklists).

The CAM standard software is modular. It can be flexibly configured and adapted to specific requirements and comprehensively integrated into your processes and IT environment.



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  High level of standardization
  Ad-hoc decisions
  Seamless integration into your existing IT environment
  Support in fulfilling compliance requirements
  Extensive automation
  Flexible debt collection options
  Management by exception
  Representation of individual credit policies


Support for your risk evaluations
















Fully automated credit decision processes

With CAM you can design fully automated credit decision processes. Applications are checked in the light of all relevant risk information, securities and authorized insurance limits. Credit applications can then be decided upon either automatically or manually. Limits and tolerances can be defined flexibly and individually. This ensures decisions that are both fast and secure. The CAM system generates application decisions together with limits, which can even be forwarded directly to the customer, e.g. via a portal.

With CAM, the collection of all risk-relevant information can take place automatically. The software uses standard interfaces to external information providers, from business information agencies to payment records pools and bank reports. It also includes integrated interfaces to the commercial credit insurers Atradius, Coface and Euler Hermes. 


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If you have not decided what information is best for your business, we would be happy to advise you.

CAM provides you with a solution that is fully integrated and largely automated, from the initial application to the final decision. However, not all processes are worth automating. We advise you on where investing in automation makes sense and where particular cases should be handled as such. In this way you can scale your business without having to expand your workforce to the same extent. It also allows you to do "volume business" with small margins.


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Support for compliance and KYC processes

Compliance is a big issue. Financial services companies have to comply with specific legislation. This includes banking laws and anti-money-laundering rules as well as the derived regulatory frameworks and guidelines such as MaRisk or the checking of company and personal details against blacklists and sanction lists (PEP, AML, CFT, internal blocklists). According to the current compliance regulations, companies must also have self-imposed requirements and internal rules in place in addition to the legal requirements. Ensuring that all these rules are respected often ties the workforce down in routine activities. CAM takes care of these tasks for your employees and efficiently supports them.

CAM securely supports your efforts to fulfil compliance obligations and verify their implementation. We are also happy to advise you on setting up regular monitoring of the applied rules and guidelines.


This is what CAM can do for you


  Determination of the financial beneficiaries in CAM (e.g. Crefo Company Relationships Data, SCHUFA GWG Report, Bureau van Dijk)
  Determination of the financial beneficiaries in accordance with the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) based on known participations in CAM
  Comparison of personal and company data with Thomson Reuters World-Check (PEP, anti-money laundering [AML], terrorism lists)
  Checking of all company and personal data against internal blocklists


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Online portals

Make your customers happy! Our software allows you to make quick decisions at the point of sale by processing credit applications, limit applications or orders using a web-based online portal. Sales have never been this easy! Your customers will be satisfied and will be glad to do more business with you. Employees or potential customers enter their request via a web interface. An automated decision-making process running in the background makes individual decisions about the information to be used.

Your individual rules for this decision process will have been configured by us beforehand. Once all relevant information and decision-making criteria have been evaluated, the result is delivered via the online portal – quickly and reliably. 


Your benefits:

  • Fast, automated decision processes with a typical response time (depending on the information product) of 1 to 10 seconds
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction thanks to immediate approvals
  • Relief from routine activities
  • Cost savings


Operation Online portals


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Financial report analysis

When even more thoroughness is needed, with our Jana software we provide a modern, flexible solution for the analysis of financial statements and data. Spare yourself the time consuming analysis of financial reports and data – let Jana do it for you. Our software allows you to collect and manage all the required information transparently. With the click of a mouse, it generates an evaluation in the desired accounting format. It additionally enables you to compare balance sheets with benchmarks and make industry comparisons across your entire data.

  • Time-saving through fast compilation and the automation of report creation
  • Optimization of your workflow and increase in decision-making efficiency
  • Consistently high-quality, transparent analyses of annual financial reports and data
  • Relieves your specialists/credit analysts from time-consuming routine activities
  • Standardized processes



More about Jana!



Evaluate financial reports automatically and include the results in your risk evaluation in CAM. Jana is the perfect solution for this.

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