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Dr. Martina Städtler-Schumann
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We have a dynamic and highly motivated team working for our clients. For most of our staff members, an excellent university education forms the basis of their work. Most employees have an excellent university education in the subjects: economics computer science, business administration, computer science or mathematics.

In our projects, the knowledge gained through various academic degrees, subject-related vocational training and many years of project experience is combined. Since 2000, Prof. Schumann GmbH has been successfully involved in the training of specialists (focus on application development). The Professor Schumann GmbH has diverse and deep IT expertise. It works with popular and modern IT technologies, specifically:

  • Languages: Java
  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, DB2
  • Web technologies
  • SAP

The standard software of Prof. Schumann GmbH is created in Java. It supports the databases used by the customer, the most common MS SQL and Oracle used. We also have market-leading expertise in credit risk management. The Prof. Schumann GmbH is in the relevant industry organizations represent decisive.

All our projects are addressed in such a way that the know-how is distributed among all the team members. This benefits our clients, is efficient and ensures continuous exchange of experiences. We attach great importance to autonomous, efficient and creative working within the team. Our staff, numbering more than 75, respond to this with high personal commitment and pleasure in their tasks.