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Jana – Automatic compilation of annual reports

Jana is a modern and flexible software for the analysis of financial reports. Annual report data is indispensable information for making well-founded credit decisions and evaluating the creditworthiness of your customers. Key figures provide detailed information about the financial situation, earnings and assets of companies.

Avoid time-consuming analysis and let Jana do the work for you. Using our software, you can compile and manage all the information in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend. At the press of a button you can obtain analyses according to your preferred accounting standard. In addition, you can compare balance sheets with benchmarks and create industry comparison values across your entire data.

Benefits of year-end financial report analysis using Jana 


time saving through rapid compilation
and automation


optimization of your workflow increase
in decision-making efficiency


annual report analyses of a constantly
high quality, reproducible at any time


it relieves your specialists/credit analysts from
time-consuming routine tasks

Jana can easily be integrated into your existing systems. You obtain transparency, clarity and comparability. We would also be pleased to compile the data for you and deliver it in a format of your choice. Annual reports that are available electronically can, of course, be imported and structured directly.

Year-end financial report analysis by using Jana provides the following options:

  • compiling, administering and standardizing your customers’ annual reports
  • compiling, administering and evaluating monthly/quarterly financial reports
  • automated read-in of annual reports in the XBRL format
  • calculating the key operating figures and the capital flow
  • evaluating these by means of scoring and other statistical methods
  • creating expert reports about the results of the analysis
  • processing of the balance sheet into text format
  • conducting analyses, easily and comfortably
  • making sector comparisons with Benchmark and peer group module
  • representing the annual report data graphically

Abbreviated balance sheet analysis

Include annual reports from German companies that are published in the German Federal Gazette in your credit management! Using a webservice interface, you can search a database of over a million companies and download the published annual report data. The data is transferred automatically and in a structured format. You no longer need to compile anything. Smaller companies only have to publish their annual report in the German Federal Gazette; larger companies must also publish their profit and loss statement. Therefore, you obtain different information as a result depending on the size of the company in question. In every case you receive a structured annual report, a wide catalogue of key figures, a rating and a probability of default. For larger companies you also get the profit and loss account and a source and application of funds statement. In a comprehensive analysis we have shown that abbreviated balance sheets also provide significant results and early warning signals.

→ Detailed information about abbreviated balance sheet analysis can be found on the webpages of our partner company Prof. Schumann Analyse GmbH