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CAM - The universal tool for your credit management

Credit Application Manager – CAM is a solution that fullfils all the requirements of modern credit management thanks to its flexibility and modularity. Your credit policy is represented by flexibly configurable rule systems and your credit management processes are optimally supported. In its clear user interface, CAM combines all the information that your credit managers need for their daily work.

Our credit management software CAM performs automatic creditworthiness checks of customers taking into account internal and external information. Internal information could include, for example, your own payment records for your existing customers. External information includes trade and bank reports. All the information is automatically collected, evaluated and processed so that it can be used for credit decisions. With CAM, all credit management processes can be supported, from the initial application right up to debt collection and the integration of commercial credit insurance.

Your Benefits with CAM 


Every piece of information is available both centrally and remotely, according to your organization‘s setup


An overview of the individual risk of several factories, branches, companies or countries


The credit policy is put into practice automatically – by everyone, everywhere, at all times, and always correctly


Making decisions based on the complete picture – a decision-maker‘s dream!


 This is how the Credit Application Manager – CAM organizes your credit Management


Internal Informations

  • Internal payment records
  • Exposure data
  • Securities
  • Sales team information
  • Person blacklists
  • Disputed claims
  • Dunning / Debt collection
  • Master data
  • etc.

External Informations

  • Annual reports
  • Commercial credit insurance
  • Business information reports
  • Payment record pools
  • Personal information
  • Bank reports

Operative evaluation of individual risks

  • Ratings
  • Limit utilizations
  • Credit limits
  • Exceeding of CCI limit
  • Payment terms
  • CCI advice of non-payment
  • Exposure
  • Changes of address
  • Expert reports
  • etc.

Strategic evaluation of the entire portfolio

  • Reporting
  • Costumer structures
  • Analysis
  • Risik profiles
  • Risik structures
  • Costumer profiles

Credit Application Manager

  • Implementation of your credit policy
  • Use of flexible sets of rules and scoring models
  • Early warning system: continuous monitoring and intelligent ToDo lists
  • Automated credit application and order processes
  • Automated workflows


This is how the Credit Application Manager – CAM organizes your credit management:

  • automated, targeted early warning system, e.g. by means of the automated evaluation of your own payment records
  • direct electronic connection to all the important information agencies
    (e.g.  Bürgel, Boniversum, Cerved Group/Lince, Coface @rating, Coface Central Europe, Creditreform, Creditreform Schweiz, Creditsafe, Bisnode (D&B), DDMonitor, Bisnode 360Lift, KSV, Schufa)
  • direct electronic retrieval of bank information
  • connection and automatic data transfer to commercial credit insurance companies
    (e.g. Atradius, Coface, Euler Hermes)
  • direct electronic connection to payment record pools
    (e.g. DRD, DD Monitor, DunTrade, GSG, IHD Pool)
  • integration and evaluation of soft market information (e.g. from your field sales force)
  • evaluation of all information by means of expert systems
  • creation of ratings, limits, payment terms and compilation of expert reports on debitors
  • intelligent ToDo list, early warning system, messaging and resubmission
  • access to all information from any location