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Credit management with SAP®

We offer you the possibility to organize your credit management in SAP®. Continual creditworthiness checking, setting of credit limits, monitoring of credit lines as well as the introduction of early warning functions are all possible in SAP® with the help of CAM software add-on modules.

Information from external information agencies and providers of commercial credit insurance is automatically collected via electronic interfaces. Together with internal information, this is then taken into account in your decisions regarding ratings and credit limits and is immediately available to you in SAP®. CAM for SAP® gives you access to all service providers in this sector. You can control and automate your processes centrally, from credit applications and decisions right up to the automated passing of cases to debt collection agencies. We replicate your credit policy and workflows using expert systems. For us, individuality is standard!

We complement essential user views in SAP® and integrate additional transactions and screen pages. The users work on credit management processes entirely in the familiar and extended SAP® environment.

The advantages of CAM for SAP®

  Support of credit management processes that are not available in SAP®  

Selective ratings taking into account internal payment records and external reports and pool data


Automated information procurement and customer monitoring


Early warning systems; auditable, transparent messaging system

All essential information, such as the amount applied for, the processing status or the approved credit limit are available for everybody at any time, also in SAP®. All the relevant data is thus available for trouble-free operations. CAM for SAP® makes it possible to automate your credit application and creditworthiness checking processes in SAP®. Your staff can, for example, initiate checking procedures directly from SAP®. In an automated process, the necessary information is collected and a decision is made on the application automatically. The allocated limit is shown within seconds and the order is released. Only when the creditworthiness determined is insufficient for an automatic decision is a ToDo created for the responsible member of staff.

Effects for you:

  • Tighter processes
  • Credit policy implemented
  • Quality assured
  • Liquidity increased
  • Default on payments reduced
  • Total costs per debitor cut
  • Portfolio control made possible
  • Negotiating position strengthened


Operation CAM for SAP®: