Credit management with SAP

You work with SAP? No problem! We can connect CAM to your SAP system.

Using CAM's SAP Connector, data is continuously exchanged between CAM and SAP without any intervention by the users. Master data and payment records data are transferred from SAP. In the other direction limits and evaluations and master data that has been cleaned up, e.g. through alignment with the data of external service providers, can be delivered to SAP  In this way, all important information, such as requested amounts or approved credit limits, is available to all SAP users. Tasks such as manual order approvals become redundant; either an order is within the limit calculated and delivered by CAM, or it isn't.

Of course, in exceptional cases an order can still be approved manually in SAP. But CAM ensures that these cases remain the exception. Limits are set proactively. As a result, 80 percent of your orders are no longer blocked. The system takes care of all routine tasks, and the fast approval time will make your sales department happy too.

In advance consultations with you, we determine the extent of the data to be exchanged and the method to be used. All data exchanges take place in real time; data entered into CAM is instantly available in SAP, and vice versa. No more time wasted with double data entry.

The technical interface takes place via the Java Connector API and SAP RPC, or asynchronously through iDocs.



Advantages of CAM over an SAP-only solution


    Unlike SAP, CAM's main focus is on credit management processes    
  Independent solutions, tailored to the requirements of credit managers, for all tasks and workflows    
  Mobile integration of deciders and sales force    
  CAM has no upper limit to the number of users    
    CAM provides a very wide range of standard software interfaces to information agencies, payment record pools, annual reports, commercial credit insurers and debt collection agencies    
  Data transfers from SAP S/4HANA and returns of data from CAM take place via a standard SAP connector, analogously to SAP ERP    
  Complete integration into your IT landscape, including e-commerce and web-portal solutions    



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CAM, our modular credit management software, optimizes your credit management. It offers a credit management system that can be completely integrated into SAP and perfectly adapted to your needs.



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