CAM - the universal tool for your credit management

The Credit Application Manager – CAM - is a solution which, thanks to its flexibility and modularity, fulfils all the requirements of modern credit management in a wide range of industries. Your credit policy is individually depicted through the flexible definition of rule systems and your credit management processes are optimally supported. CAM combines all the information that your credit managers need for their daily work in a clear user interface.

Our credit management software CAM performs an automated creditworthiness evaluation of customers taking into account both internal and external information. The internal information could, for example, be your own payment records for your existing customers. The external information includes trade and bank information and annual reports. All the information is automatically collected, evaluated and processed to derive credit decisions. With CAM, all credit management processes from applications to debt collection and the integration of commercial credit insurance can be performed. 

Integration into your system environment is no problem for us. We have experience with large ERP systems such as SAP, as well as with integration into special industry software and developments. If you do not want to take care of the infrastructure yourself, we offer solutions for hosting and operation.


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CAM on: Benefits for distribution and management





Your advantages with CAM


    All information is centrally stored but decentrally available – also mobile when travelling.    
  You have an overview of the individual and overall risk for multiple factories, branches, companies and countries.    
  Your credit policy is automated: correctly carried out, everywhere, by everyone, at all times.    
  Decisions can be made on the basis of complete information.    



This is how the Credit Application Manager – CAM organizes your credit management



Internal Informations

  • Internal payment records
  • Exposure data
  • Securities
  • Sales team information
  • Person blacklists
  • Disputed claims
  • Dunning / Debt collection
  • Master data
  • etc.

External Informations

  • Annual reports
  • Commercial credit insurance
  • Business information reports
  • Payment record pools
  • Personal information
  • Bank reports

Operative evaluation of individual risks

  • Ratings
  • Limit utilizations
  • Credit limits
  • Exceeding of CCI limit
  • Payment terms
  • CCI advice of non-payment
  • Exposure
  • Changes of address
  • Expert reports
  • etc.

Strategic evaluation of the entire portfolio

  • Reporting
  • Costumer structures
  • Analysis
  • Risik profiles
  • Risik structures
  • Costumer profiles

Credit Application Manager

  • Implementation of your credit policy
  • Use of flexible sets of rules and scoring models
  • Early warning system: continuous monitoring and intelligent ToDo lists
  • Automated credit application and order processes
  • Automated workflows



Overview of CAM functions - you choose what you need


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  Information agency management


CAM offers automated interfaces to all the main national and international information agencies and pools. Updates from the agencies flow automatically into the system. If important events occur, the system will inform you. You no longer need to take care of routine issues.

  Reporting and analysis


With CAM you can design targeted evaluations and use these for operative and strategic decision-making. Standard reports are available as strong foundation. In addition, you can create reports yourself on the basis of the data.

  Internal payment records


CAM imports this data automatically from your source system and evaluates it continually. This enables you to obtain accurate trends and early warning signals from your own data. You have been in possession of this valuable data for a long time – but have probably not yet evaluated it.


  Commercial credit insurance


CAM offers automated interfaces to the leading commercial credit insurance companies Atradius, Coface and Euler Hermes. If limits are exceeded or are cancelled by the CCI company, CAM makes you aware of this.



CAM offers flexible and individual support for all workflows. With the credit policy acting as a set of rules in the background, tasks can easily be processed and decisions securely made.

  Application processes


With CAM, widely varying application processes can be administered. The checking, decision and workflow rules are set up to meet your individual requirements. Intelligence strategies for the collection of information can be designed and put into practice efficiently.


  Financial report analysis


In CAM, financial reports can be compiled and automatically evaluated. Comparisons can also be made using benchmarks and peer groups.



Complete historization, a transparent authorization concept and complete documentation make sure that compliance rules are fulfilled.

  Dunning and dept collection


Start dunning runs directly from CAM or pass on cases automatically to an external service provider.




You can record and administer any type of security in CAM. You decide whether the security is taken into account when determining credit limits.

  Documents and files


Create document templates and use these directly in CAM. You can also store files, templates and links flexibly.

  Sales team integration


Using flexibly customizable user authorizations, CAM makes it possible for the sales team to access selected areas. They could, for example, enter reports on personal visits or view the utilization of credit limits.         


  Company relationships/fraud


With CAM you can determine all the inter-company relationships and the participation structures for each customer. You can also check companies or people against blocklists and anti-terror lists.

  Company group structures


Depict the branches and group structures of your customers in CAM so that you maintain a good overview.



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