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Market and customer segmentation

Active and targeted customer contact and care secures you sustainable success in the market. The basis for this market success is well-founded knowledge of your existing and prospective customers.

In addition to considering the contribution margin provided by the customer there is an increasing desire for a sophisticated evaluation of customers taking into account all available information. With the help of customer value your company will be able to segment your customer base and to interact with different customer groups in a targeted manner. Working with you, we develop an individual customer value system for your company and support you in introducing it.

In addition to the division of the company's existing and prospective customers, target-orientated market segmentation is an essential factor for business success. In this way, mailing and advertising campaigns, for example, can be carried out appropriately for the target group. On the basis of a meaningful customer typology, the chances for successful sales of your product can be quantified. We support you in the development of a modern database marketing system which makes successful customer contact and customer portfolio administration possible using customer typology. Complex data mining is carried out with the help of statistical analysis procedures.

We are looking forward to working with you.